There’s no better time to own or rent a Toyota Prius -Open booking now -Launch date April 2016

Eco-friendly, Hybrid Synergy Drive
A city car that’s every bit an urbanite as you.

Booking start now:

Membership fee: $2,000.00 per annual

10 days car usage per annual.

Rates Rate: $498 per day / $398 per day for weekly rental / $4980 per month

Advance booking now open

Please call: +(65) 9066 4377

Value Hybrid car rental start from $98.00 per day (min 7 days)

Toyota Prius 2008

Honda Civic Hybrid 2014

Toyota Estima Hybrid 2012

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011

BMW 5 series Hybrid 2013

Lexus RX450 Hybrid 2012

New Car sales for Toyota Pruis Hybrid 2016 open for booking:

Selling Price: $128,000.00 to $148,000.00 (Include COE value at $40,000  to $60,00) Act Fast, before it run out..(limited units)