About Us

A spin off from My Car Rental Pte Ltd http://www.mycarrental.com.sg formally know as Payless Autofleet Rental since 2001

Most people probably think they know what My Car Rental Singapore does. It is in the car rental business and operates a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles in their system.
However, My Car Rental SG has quite a different idea of what its business is all about. In

MyCarRental view, the business it is involved in is customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This is a characteristic that it shares in common with every successful service company, large or small. A service business is one that meets every individual needs by providing them with a valued service

MyCarRental was born out of the many frustrating experiences and lack of understanding shared by ourselves in buying, leasing, maintaining and selling a motor vehicle in Singapore.

Singaporeans lead a hectic lifestyle – 60% of time traveling, busy families, partners working part-time – all this leaves little time to search for a vehicle, and understand the market. Upon completion of your customer enquiry form, Payless will undertake a search and inform you if your car is available for rent.

We offer the most comprehensive rental package. With added flexibility to change car models, hassle-free maintenance and most of all, it eases your pockets, giving you more than just a car, but a car packed with excellent service.